Hiring the Mackenzie Hall, Brockweir  


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To book the Mackenzie Hall or for further information:


Email: brockweirvillagehall@gmail.com


Phone: Laura Beddis 01291 689604


These are the standard term and conditions for the general hire of the hall. For the additional Mackenzie Hall function, weekend and wedding bookings terms and conditions, click here


Standard Terms and Conditions


  1. The hirer is responsible for taking reasonable precautions for the safety of the public, performers, helpers and employees and shall retain control over all portions of the premises hired.


  3. The hirer shall ensure that suitable action is taken in the event of an emergency and shall instruct all the public, performers, helpers and employees of safety arrangements and the situation of fire exits, extinguishers and the First Aid Equipment.


  5. The hirer shall ensure that the conditions of the halls entertainment licence are met by not allowing the number of people on the premises to exceed 190 close seated or 100 at tables.


  7. The hirer shall ensure that they have obtained and displayed all licences required by law for their usage of the premises, including (but not limited to) those pertaining to the sale and supply of alcohol. Hirers are required to inform the booking secretary if they intend to take out a licence for the supply of alcohol. The premises is entitled to apply for 12 licences during the year, covering not more than 21 days; individuals may apply for 5 per year.


  8. The hirer is responsible for insuring against damage or accident to or by their own equipment or by their own activities.


  10. The hirer shall ensure that noise arising from use of the premises shall not cause annoyance to occupants of premises in the vicinity.


  12. The hirer shall ensure that whilst the public are in the building fire exits and passages leading to them remain unobstructed. Fire doors must not be propped open. The hirer must ensure that the kitchen shutters are pulled down and all doors are closed before leaving.


  14. The hirer shall ensure that the premises are left clean and tidy at the end of the hire period. All windows must be closed and all taps, lights and heaters turned off. The tables must be returned to the large storage cupboard and neatly stacked on thier ends against the right hand wall. The plastic chairs must be placed on the movable racks (note that they will only all fit onto the rack arms if each chair is stacked the same way round) and the racks wheeled into the large storage cupboard.


  16. The hirer shall ensure that all rubbish is either removed from the site or is placed in a bin bag in the wheelie bins at the side of the hall and food waste placed in the grey bins provided and that all glass waste, bottles, cans, plastic and paper must be put in the relevant recycling bags/boxes. Nappies must be removed from the site.


  18. The hirer is responsible for reporting to the Booking Secretary any accidents, damage to the hall or breakage of any equipment or hall property. They must also report any use of fire extinguishers or first aid equipment.


  20. The hirer shall not bring into the building any appliances using cylinders or containers of gas under pressure and no portable heating or cooking appliances whatsoever.


  22. The hirer shall ensure that any spillages onto the hall floor are mopped up immediately and not allowed to soak into the wooden floor. When mopping the floor the minimum amount of water should be used


  24. The hirer shall not alter the central heating controls or thermostat other than to turn on boost.


  26. Cars and contents are left in the Mackenzie Hall car park at the owners risk.


Effective from October 2017

Mackenzie Hall Management Committee

Registered Charity No. 301547


Mackenzie Hall, Mill Hill, Brockweir, Chepstow, NP16 7NW